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In Praise of Iranians

So, way back in '98, I spent the summer in Zug, Switzerland doing an internship for Sulzer Medica. Cool opportunity. As is common with young men, I spent the evenings going to bars and clubs. The most common destination was a joint called the Pickwick Pub. Foosball and drinks. I made lots of friends there. I hung out with a big black dude from Philly named Alexander, a Kazak named Giani Bek, and an Iranian named Nima Sadeghian. It was a surreal drinking group.

Well, one evening, Nima and I were discussing various things, and the topic of K5 Blazers entered the conversation. We learned that both of our fathers were in the oil and gas business and that we both learned to drive in K5 Blazers. Here we were growing up thousands of miles away from each other, and yet, we grew up with very similar beliefs and experiences. He went on to share something that is important for perspective. The big difference between the USA and Iran is that we both have a fringe of radicals in place, but in Iran, they somehow got in control. I pray that one day, the radical elements of Iranian society will no longer rule over an awesome group of people. And with that, behold the awesomeness of Iran:

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Re: In Praise of Iranians

Thanks for sharing, I had no idea!
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