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First c10
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Re: LS swap coolant temps

Originally Posted by C.I.Blazer View Post
Well, I am sending my radiator back for the second time (ugh), so while it is gone I thought I would do this mod. I am pretty sure I know the answer to this, but want to confirm that I do not have to do any reprogramming to make this work correct? My set points will stay the same and since it is just providing a ground I cannot see anything I would have to change. Can someone confirm that for me?

2004 LQ4 in case it matters.

Your settings in the tune do not need to change to tune the 3 relay setup.
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Re: LS swap coolant temps

Perfect. Thanks!
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Roto Reuter thats the name...
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Re: LS swap coolant temps

Now that my K10 5.3L truck is up and running I'm finding out that my truck runs between 200-205 deg-F. This seems normal from what I've read. I have dual Spal fans and heard the same as MD Potter, so my fans run independently of one another at full speed. I'm not sure what the fan set points were set to, but I believe the first one comes on around 200. I'll have to watch it closer since I just got it going. Second fan has never turned on.

I haven't charged the AC system yet, and I never wired in the resistor and diode. I'm charging the AC this weekend and plan to try it out first to see if my MIL comes on.
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Re: LS swap coolant temps

Radiator is back in with the 3 relay mod. Took it for a test drive this morning and stopped to let it idle up to the first set point temperature (185) and nothing happened. Uh-oh, thought I was going to have to pull everything apart to figure out what went wrong with the wiring. Drove the short distance home, popped the hood, and both fans were actually running! With both fans running at half speed, you couldn't even hear them. Once it hit the second set point (205) both fans kicked into high gear and sounded like a jet engine. Overall, very please with the mod.
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