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Bad Gas is the Main Suspect

So as a few of you know, I picked up my uncle's '77 K10 a couple weeks ago. Now, he hadn't driven it in like 5 years but it had been maintained/run from time to time by a distant cousin of mine.

It's a dual tank setup. Before departing on my 200 mile trip home, I went to get some gas. The left tank was full but the right tank was almost empty (switch in cab was on right tank). I ran 3 tanks of gas on the right tank and she ran like a top. As the right tank was almost empty,I flipped the switch to the left tank. It ran for 2 days just fine.

Today, I was headed to work and the truck abruptly shut off on the highway. I couldn't get it started. A similar situation happened years ago in my old 71...It was the HEI coil gave out. I figured it was the same problem but it was not. I also replaced the Ignition Control Module but that wasn't it either. Carb was starved for fuel. I changed out the fuel filter (that looked pretty good) and got her running again but she stalled 3 more times on the way home. I did switch back to the right side tank and fill it up before changing fuel filter.

Now, she idles rough and I think I may have jarred the kickdown cable as she won't shift out of 1st without going to L2 then back to D.

It's probably a couple of small issues to get her right again.

What would y'all consider a good checklist to make sure I get all this corrected?

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