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Head unit install: single 12ga/20A for deck and amp?


I am installing an Alpine head unit and old school Soundstream D100II door speaker amp with two classic autosound dash speakers (run off deck 18W RMS/ea) and two Alpine Type R 6x9's in the doors. Going into a 72 C10

I plan on wiring the amp to the junction box on the passenger fender to the battery, and running constant power to the deck from this same location. I have a 12ga power wire and inline 20A fuse from an "amp kit".

I would like to run one wire from the battery to the amp inside the cab, and splice constant 12V from this same wire (after the fuse) to the head unit for a cleaner install.

The amp is running 50W RMS, 2 channels.

Should I wire it up this way using a 30-40A in line fuse or will the 20 be enough? Is the 12ga wire sufficient? We arent talking about much power here, but I want to do it right. The deck has an internal 10A fuse, so the inline may not be neccesary?

Also, I just wanted to check that I do not need to fuse the ignition/hot wire correct? I plan on splicing into the cig lighter.

Thank you for the help!!
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Re: Head unit install: single 12ga/20A for deck and amp?

12 gauge is a little small. I'd run an 8 to be safe and have room to grow, but 10 would be acceptable.
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