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Lowering springs. Your experience.

1969 3/4 ton rear leafs.
So instead of drop spindles, I'm looking towards lowering spring for the front. Maybe 2.5" drop. Which ones do you have and what's the ride like?? What about alignment?? Thanks. 😋
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Re: Lowering springs. Your experience.

Drop spindle gets my vote every time judging by what I've read here.
That is what I did and you get a stock great ride without the harshness.
My .02 cents
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Re: Lowering springs. Your experience.

I’ve got a 69 3/4 ton also.
I cut the springs for around a 2.5” drop. Rides fine and aligned well. You’ll need to trim your bumpstops.
I do agree lowering spindles are a better way to do it. But c20 spindles aren’t cheap.
Landed here in oz, they were going to cost me almost $1000 Australian. So I cut the coils.

69 c20, 396, th400, dana60, ps, ac
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Re: Lowering springs. Your experience.

I like drop spindles because they keep the full suspension travel and don't mess with the geometry. Then if you need a little more drop lowering springs. If you are going to drive it a lot there is a lot to be said for full travel. A suspension that bottoms out constantly is a MISERABLE thing to drive. Had to fix that issue before.
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Thumbs up Re: Lowering springs. Your experience.

I've got the lowered springs in all 4 corner's with helper air bags. The air bags make it ride like a dream. No problems with getting it aligned either.
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It sucks not being able to hear!

LWB trucks rule, if you don't think so measure your SWB!
After talking to tech support at Air Lift I have found out that the kit I need is 60811. Per the measurements I gave them. Ride height of truck inside spring and inside diameter of springs.
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Re: Lowering springs. Your experience.

If you plan to run 15 wheels and use drop spindles chances are your wheels will hit your control arms when turning sharp to the left and right. Both of my trucks have drop spindles with 15 wheels and they will hit the control arms. One of my trucks I trimmed the edge of the control arm back and it is a lot better. One truck has rally wheels the other was Weld drag lites. Some of the other guys with bigger wheels can tell you their experience.
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Re: Lowering springs. Your experience.

I lowered my C20 using C10 drop springs. Very happy with the results. 2`front and 4`rear.
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