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Junkman's "Mother of All Paint Correction" Videos

In this selection of videos, I am going to explain everything you need to know about machine polishing if you are a novice (and to some people who claim to be experts too), along with what you need and do NOT need. Let's do this.

In these FIRST two videos, I'm showing how safe the PC-7424XP (PC for short) is to use for those who may be apprehensive about using a orbital polisher on their paint. In this video, I use a PC with an aggressive yellow pad and some Meguiar's Diamond Cut polish. Using VERY heavy pressure, I'm going to smash the hood of my Corvette with this combination to show that no damage will occur. This of course is a completely incorrect technique for using a buffer and you would never do this while working on your car. The only reason that I am doing it this way is to show that even if you use the PC incorrectly, you are not going to damage your paint. You would literally have to beat the car with the buffer in order to do any damage.

I highly advise against novices using this combination of products because it really beats up the paint. For a seasoned individual, this can be fixed but a novice might find that cleaning up the paint after using this combo can be quite a workout. Check out my videos where I actually FIX some paint in order to see what I use.

In this next set of videos, I detail the COMPLETE process of paint correction from the beginning to the end (from claying to waxing). Although I do not apply any wax at the end, I cover everything else in detail. This series is 1 hour and 54 minutes long so that should give you an idea as to how much detail I go into.

In this first video, I talk in detail about exactly what paint correction is. I also go into detail about the polishing technique you should use as well as the best product on the market that you should buy. I cover other topics too so just sit back and kick up your feet. This video is 15 minutes and 7 seconds long.

In this next video, I go into detail about exactly what I use to remove the paint damage within this video series. I name and visually show every piece of equipment as well as all of the products necessary to do paint correction. In some cases, I even offer up a location where you can find the products that I use. I talk about why I chose to use the products that I use as well as what I don't use. If you want a list of these items, WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Okay, in this video I identify the damage that we are going to repair. I even go as far to create some damage just to ensure that my paint will be more jacked up than your paint. I then go into detail about claying, and what it does for your finish. Last of all, I show how to assemble the PC-7424XP so that we can start the polishing process. The video following this video will be in high definition so that you can clearly see the damage and the effectiveness of my repair.

Because I wanted the viewers of this video to be able to see the results of the work that I did in high detail, I uploaded this video in high definition. That took 12 hours!

One thing about this video. A LOT of people gravitate to this video ONLY because it shows me actually correcting the paint. What they end up with is HALF of the information that they need in order to be successful. I can clearly tell this by the questions they post. So if you haven't studied the videos BEFORE this one and post a question, you will not be happy with my answer.

In this video, I actually go into the proper technique for polishing with the PC-7424XP, showing me using the machine properly. I show the polishes that I use, the pads that each polish is used on, how to work the polisher and how much polish should be used. I also talk about the importance of not using too much polish and clogging up the pores in the pads, which makes the whole process worthless. I go into the discussion of how long to work a polish and when to stop (after a polish flashes). I show which order the polishes are used and explain why you use them in that order.

One thing that I stress in this video is the importance of a solid technique. I talk about and show the technique that I use, as well as how to ensure that you are developing a solid technique. As I say often in this video series, "Technique trumps product 365, 24/7. No matter who's polishes you decide to use, none of them will work worth a darn if your technique sucks. Technique rules!

Conclusion. I recap my process and allow you into my mindset concerning paint correction and caring for your paint. Listen to what I say in this video. I'm unplugging you from the paint Matrix. Welcome to Zion.

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