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Old 06-25-2013, 10:03 PM   #1
i heart square bodys
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getting doors straight

i have some doors with some major warping and need to know how to get them looking straight , i have a board sander and lots of bondo, just not quite sure the proper technique to use it , it seems like i sand and i sand an alot of the body filler comes off (not all of it though of coarse) and its still wavy , someone help !
1986 LWB c10 w/327 & vortec heads
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Re: getting doors straight

The kind of filler your using makes a huge difference. Do you have pictures of what your working with it will be a lot easier to help you.
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Cape Codder
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Re: getting doors straight

Keep in mind when block sanding if you use to much pressure on the panel you push it in a little while sanding so when you stop it will come back out causing a high spot in the center. Light pressure cross hatch pattern and let the sandpaper do the work not your arm.
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Re: getting doors straight

What caused the "major warping", where is it located on the door, do you have pictures?
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Re: getting doors straight

How bad are they warped? Back filling them with filler is not always the best idea. To much filler and you open a whole new can of issues.
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Talking Re: getting doors straight

Might be better off getting full door skins at least you can treat the rust on the inside of the door
While it's apart plus you'll get arrow straight lines.just my opinion
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