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Early Classics Tow Hitch

In response to this thread:

I sent an email to Early Classics as follows:
To whom it may concern,

I was planning on buying one of your 912-6572PB Track Bars, but after seeing this I have cause for concern. I would like to know a little more about your Quality Assurance program for your vendors, or for your own parts if these products are built in house.

Are you aware of this?
  • Questions:
  • Do you do periodic audits of your vendors to ensure they meet your specifications?
  • Do the vendors that build your products use welders that are qualified to AWS or ASME welding codes?
  • Are welder certifications available upon request?
  • Are the material being used in compliance with ANSI / ASTM / ASME material specifications?
  • Is any mechanical destructive testing done, radiography, magnetic particle inspection or some other N.D.E. performed to ensure actual product strength?
Thank you for your time. I look forward to your response.
As a semi-retired Mechanical Engineer, and an AWS Certified Welding Inspector I look at things I see here on our website from perhaps a different perspective. Some of the products and statements I have seen have made me wonder about the quality of components that some of the vendors on this website are selling.

I am aware of the phrase Caveat Emptor: "Buyer Beware", but are the vendors that sell their wares on this website subject to any requirements whatesoever to ensure quality? Or is it basically lay down your money and you're a qualified vendor?

Being familiar with doing "vendor audits" I know that this is something that could be done, in this case, with a form that is submitted that would require the vendor to anwer some questions, provide some certification documents (welders, QA, working documents, etc.) sign and certify the questionaire, have it notarized and then mail it back for review. If this is something that would be welcomed here I would be glad to help.



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