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HEI question

I have 2 used HEI's that I can to upgrade my truck. I am not all that familiar with them, and need some advice. They are both out of mid 80's trucks. One is off a big block and one off a small block. I haven't closely inspected either one yet, they are laying on a shelf at my buddies place and he told me I can have whatever one I want. One has a vacuum advance and one doesn't. Whats the deal with that? I thought all the older stuff had vacuum advance? Is there a benefit to using one over the other? I am putting it on a 307, so I'm only looking for reliable cruising not power.
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Re: HEI question

I'd get the one with the vacuum advance. If you're not familiar with the HEI there is tons of stuff on the net to help you. Also, educate yourself on what the mechanical and vacuum advance does and how it's adjusted.

Here's a good site that you can look at but there are others just as good or better:
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Re: HEI question

Replace the vacuum advance with one that is an adjustable VA, makes a big difference.

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