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Old 09-20-2003, 10:30 AM   #1
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Seeking help/info on S-10 Blazer (transplant)

I know nothing about this model, but,

I have a chance to do a favor for a neighbor whose son trashed the engine in his '84 S-10 5-speed. I found a wrecked '89 auto, 4.3L in good running condition. I plan to transplant the engine and maybe the trans from the '89 into the '84 (frame damaged on the '89).

Is this a weekend project for someone who has done engine/trans conversions before?

Tried google and didn't find any useful info, just a lot 'For Sale'.

Any major gotchas'? Like different engine mounts or other structural changes? Driveshaft lengths OK going from manual to auto? How about wire harness diffs?

Do I jump into this one or leave it alone? Remember, this is a favor, no money involved....

Rick Olson /nosto/
Galloway, NJ

Pics :

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Old 09-20-2003, 08:55 PM   #2
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If the 84 is anything but a 4.3, nothing will bolt up including the motor mounts or the transmission. I would use all the 89 4.3 stuff including the engine harness.
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Old 09-20-2003, 11:01 PM   #3
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Might check out or maybe its One is a much better site than the other but I cannot recall which is which lol. They have a pretty informative message board there that might be of help.

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Old 09-21-2003, 09:06 AM   #4
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if you have both trucks side by side you'll have everything you need,but it will prolly take you a couple weekends to do the hole job.
good luck
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Old 09-23-2003, 08:16 AM   #5
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Check The guys there are pretty knowledgable.

As long as the trucks are the same length (both short box or extended cab....), and you switch the engine and tranny you should be fine. The 84 tranny will probably not bolt up... I imagine the 84 has either the 2.5L iron duke or the 2.8L. You would have to use the wiring harness and computer from the 89 as well. Also, you may want to check the gears in these trucks to make sure you aren't "winding-out" the 4.3L to turn the gears in the 84's rear. The RPO code for gears in usually the G codes in the glove box (i.e. GU6=3.42)

This will probably take quite a few weekends and it will probably be best to take off the whole front clip and fenders. Also, be sure to well label everything.

If you run into any trouble with the 89 4.3L or tranny wiring or anything, let me know... I have an 89' 4.3L and a 91' 4.3L I can take pictures of to send you.
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