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Hydraulic clutch swap

Iím working on getting the parts together to swap my 87 from auto to stick. The donor tranny I have is a mechanical 465 and want to switch it to hydraulic for an easier install as my donor linkage is mangled and welded together. I know I need to get pedals and bellhousing. I was thinking of just buying a new master, slave and lines. Is there an aftermarket kit out there for the pedal that works or can I use the mechanical one from my other truck? Also any other tip or advice would she much appreciated

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Re: Hydraulic clutch swap

You need the pedal box that matches your brake booster - vacuum or hydroboost. There are usually a few for vacuum brakes on Ebay. Hydroboost pedal boxes are getting rare. I couldn't find a good aftermarket setup when I converted mine. On the 87, there should be dimples on the firewall where the stock hydro clutch master will mount. I bought a master and slave and used the fittings to convert to AN and made my own line.
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Re: Hydraulic clutch swap

I did this on an old build "New year, new body". Tried to copy the link below, not sure if it worked? American Powertrain makes a kit (American Powertrain Hydramax Hydraulic Clutch Release Systems HMGM-01101G). Comes with everything you need. Bolts right up to existing pedal.
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Re: Hydraulic clutch swap

if you use the american powertrain setup, you need to put a brace between the firewall and original pedal assembly. otherwise you'll break out the firewall. happened to a friends truck using the original hydro pedals without the original braces.
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Re: Hydraulic clutch swap

I went to a hydraulic clutch when I put the TR6060 in the truck (1986). I used a Wilwood master cylinder kit with a 3/4 bore cylinder. As was said previously, you will need to brace the cylinder against the firewall someway. I made two rods and had one end bolted to the master cylinder and one end to the pedal bracket itself.

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