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89 S10 Backup Lights Dead (how to remove NS/BU switch)

Both backup lights suddenly stopped working on my '89 S10 4.3/auto. They were both working.

Checked the left backup light. The bulb tested good, but no power to the socket. The socket is in great shape, all contacts very clean.

The neutral safety switch and backup light switch are in one plastic unit mounted to the steering column. It's whitish plastic like the dimmer switch, which is also on the column and which went bad a couple of years ago. The neutral safety switch portion of this unit works.

According to the wiring diagram, the backup lights share a fuse with the rear turn signals. The rear turn signals work great, so that rules out the fuse.

All the other lights work great and I doubt it's a grounding issue.

The Haynes manual has one picture of the neutral safety/backup light switch. The manual says to "remove the two mounting bolts". But there is NO MOUNTING HARDWARE on this switch. It's attached to the steering column with two plastic ears that fit into slots in the column jacket. Cannot figure out how to remove the switch short of breaking it off, and can't do that (truck would not start).

Wanted to try adjusting the switch. Manual says, "Insert a 5/64-inch diameter guage pin 3/8-inch into the guage hole on the new switch (see illustration)", but the illustration does not show the guage hole or mounting hardware! The switch is way up on top of the column, can't see much of it from any angle.

Tried putting the trans in every gear position to see if it was an adjustment issue (doubt it), die not get any backup lights in any position. Found that the outer part of the switch moves (has "detents") and can be moved manually. Tried moving it three clicks to the right to no effect.

Either no power is getting to the backup light switch (doubtful), or the backup light switch portion is bad (probable).

Tried to test for power to the switch, but can't even see where the plug for the backup lights is on the switch, and can't find it by feel.

Does anyone know how to remove this particular switch?
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