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Truckseats (Tim) and Truck World (Larry Nease)

It's uncomfortable to post this but I feel obliged to do so that it may spare others some hassle. I've ordered several sets of seat covers from member Truckseats in the past and have been pleased (as have many other members here).

In April 2016 I paid Tim $1885 for a set of plaid front/rear seat covers for a highlander blazer and an accompanying set of rear bedside panels. Tim distributes these products made by Truck World of Springfield, MO run by Larry Nease. I expected a bit of a wait. In September of 2016 after inquiring about delivery I received an email from Tim that my covers were shipping and that my panels would ship the following week.

When my seat covers arrived one of the two had the plaid pattern misaligned and needed to be redone. Tim asked that I work directly with Larry to ensure the cover was redone correctly, which is appropriate. I finally received the redone cover in March 2017, 11 months after my initial order and after incurring an additional $50 To return the covers to Larry.

As I was directly communicating with Larry now, I kept up inquiries through him regarding my panels (that did not arrive when I was told they would) always receiving excuses about why the manufacture was delayed. In late December 2016 Larry told me that he could make my panels with a premium vinyl much better than he typically uses and a match to OEM and that he could turn them around quickly. I agreed and sent Larry an additional $750 through Paypal that I'm subsequently clawing back as he later (March 2017) claimed the embossing process wasn't working well on the thicker vinyl. I was led to believe he had worked with this upgraded vinyl before and was not informed he was experimenting with different vinyl. He agreed to make me panels using his typical vinyl and that mine had priority - I expected no more than say a six week wait.

I've periodically checked in with Tim about my order and on those occasions he contacted Larry on my behalf. To this date I have not received my rear panels: that's now almost 14 months after the original order. Today a board member here reports that he just received his rear panels (this week) through Brothers Trucks after a wait of only six weeks.

If I could order a set of panels from another manufacturer I would never have waited this long. Larry Nease of Truck World is the only manufacturer and supplies all the distributors. There are other vendors on this board I have spoken with who have cancelled their business arrangements with Larry for similar unreliability.

Larry sent me a text on Monday June 5, 2017 stating my panels were "Going out in next 2 days for sure...".
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