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Poor Man's Starter Heat Sheild

This little trick helped me out years ago on my '66 SS396 Chevelle with headers. Long before solenoid heat shields were available (1967), we had to improvise quite a bit when we made modifications to our "muscle" cars. Installing headers did (and still does) create their own set of problems. One of them being the dreaded heat soak caused from those big tube headers baking the starters to a crisp.

Back in the day, we would cut down old license plates and use them as heat shields. The key was to leave an open "dead air" space between the shield and the starter solenoid. The idea was to radiate heat and create a cooler air stream between the two.

Today, I started replacing the starter motor/solenoid in a 1968 C10 with a 327 and headers. I really wanted to order one of those fancy shields from JEGs, but since I am currently unemployed (and broke), I decided to make my own.

After searching for a while, I decided to use an old Rod Run plaque that I received many years ago at a car show. It was about the right size, made from aluminum, and thick enough to bend and modify.

Using a small paint can, I wrapped the plaque to form a semi-circle. Then, I marked the approximate location of the outside solenoid attachment screw. Using snips, I made a cut of about 3/8" and bent it down to form a tab. I drilled a hole in the tab large enough for the attachment screw.

After test fitting the shield, I sprayed the back side with High Temp Header paint... just for extra measure. It probably doesn't help dissipate heat.

The last photo shows the heat shield installed on the starter. Hmmmm... it feels just like 1967!

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