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Studs and torque Daytons

I have a few questions.

I pulled my rear tires off the truck to put my new ones on. While I was there I pulled the axle shaft out to fix a leak. What are the torque specs on the 12 studs that hold the axle in place? It does have the notched and tapered retainers behind them and I don't want to over tighten them.

While getting the nuts loose I managed to break a stud too.... since its 90+ degrees out I stopped there. The truck is on Jack stands until I sand blast and paint everything that has surface rust while I have acces to it. I did spray it with kroil and will add more later. Rear axle is a 17221.

What are the rough torque specs when installing the tires when I put them back on?

Also if anyone wants my old 20" rims and tires I won't have a use for them. 2 bald rears and 2 steer tires with good tread but cracking. I would use them on a farm but that's about it.
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Re: Studs and torque Daytons

For torque on the Dayton wheel studs .
1/2 stud with 13 threads per inch 87 to 93 ft pounds
5/8 stud with 11 threads per inch 150 to 175 ft pounds
3/4 stud with 10 threads per inch 175 to 200 ft pounds
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