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LMC Trucks

This was my experience something to watch out for I have been restoring my 67 short bed for about 10 years as I have extra money. For lot of that time I would just purchase parts I needed from LMC I really didn't pay any attention to the price.

January of this year I decided to buy a wiring harness looked in there saw the high prices of the OEM kits bought a universal kit. The online website does not have any brands or manufacture part numbers it all goes by LMC part numbers and generic part names.

A few weeks ago I open the box find the kit is American autowire universal kit. After I start looking at this kit I realized I should have bought the OEM type kit so the fuse panel fits the square hole in the firewall. It's been several months I'm not going to ask LMC to return it Ill just sell the kit on eBay I go to American autowire website the kit sells for $279.00.

Yesterday I go though my receipts from LMC find out I was charged $359.95 for this kit which MSRP for $279.00. If you look on summit racing it's $259.00 $100 difference for the same kit. I sent an email to LMC customer service never got a reply about the cost difference it's been a long time I get that $100 added just to drop ship something I can buy from the manufacture.

If your buying from LMC be sure the part your getting isn't just from another vendor with $100 extra fee added on. One would think LMC if they are going to sell American Autowire they would sell it for the MSRP price the manufacture list it at on their website this is online sales not local hot rod shop. I guess LMC doesn't want to list the manufacture of the parts in their catalog so you won't be able to look for it anywhere else.
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