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Jam Strait LED Bulbs

Have you guys hear of the new rage with the rice burners? LED taillight. I saw some at a local Autozone (never again will I got back to that store!) and got them. I figured, WTH I don't like replacing light bulbs so I'll try them. They came with a 10 year warrenty (but should last you 100+ years) I LOVED THEM - especially with my new taillights. I upgraded all my turn/marker/stop lamps to LEDS. Never again will I have to replace light bulbs. I recommend them to people who like technology (I like toys ok!) and would like better lights! There are drawbacks however. Stock lighthousings direct the light from the bulb from all directions since conventional bulbs shoot light out in every direction. LEDs shoot out light in one direction leaving the stock deflector useless. But they are much brighter. In addition, if you do your whole turn signal system with them, you have to buy resistors to get the turn signals to blink correctly because LEDS use much less energy then standard bulbs. I will have pics of them up on my website soon.

light up faster (give people behind you more time to react)
last forever

expensive ($20 for 2 bulbs or MORE)
may require aluminum power resistors
may throw off stock deflector

I give them a 4 out of 5!

1985 C10 305 w/ Bowtie OD TH700R4 3.08 167,000 miles
2002.5 VW GTI 24V VR6 6 speed - 2 door hatch w/ inline/V6=fast & fun! Now 125,000 miles
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