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Re: CPP Brakes SUCK!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Rochlow View Post
It's a CPP portioning valve, there is no pin to pull out
Im wondering if your pedal shaft to MS needs adjusted is all... If its too short your pedal is not going to push far enough to do anything. Just a thought
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Re: CPP Brakes SUCK!!!!!!!!!

I have been adjusting that also. its adjustable from the pedal to the booster and from the booster to the M/C..
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Thumbs up Re: CPP Brakes SUCK!!!!!!!!!

Update on mine.

I called and talked to Arron yesterday and he sent me a new updated brake procedure for adjusting the brakes. I now have parking brakes and regular brakes but I do need to bleed them again. It says you don't always have to but my light will come on with a hard stop. So I'll bleed them again next week when I do the longer studs for the 1/4" spacer's on the rear wheels for fender clearance.

PS: before adjusting the brakes make sure the park cable is good and tight!
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After talking to tech support at Air Lift I have found out that the kit I need is 60811. Per the measurements I gave them. Ride height of truck inside spring and inside diameter of springs.
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Re: CPP Brakes SUCK!!!!!!!!!

CPP REALY SUCKS and I'm being kind should say something worse.
Bought a Pro-Touring Kit for my '67 Cutlass and their customer service is poor no mater how much money you send with them. One rear caliper leaked as I bleed the brakes for the first time they replaced it after numerous phone calls claiming it was my fault. The front caliper brackets are crap and so badly warped they could not be mounted square they sent me three sets that did not fit. CPP requested I send back the complete front brakes spindles, calipers and rotors and they assembled them which CPP machined the brackets to fit and cost me $210 shipping both ways. CPP's master cylinder is also crap with the built-in portioning valve does work and CPP would not replace it. I would not buy anything from them. They have too many products and crap off shore suppliers. The brake system I bought is for an "A" Body GM car there are thousands of those cars out there and CPP can not can not get it correct. When I decide to upgrade my '85 GMC brakes I would not buy from CPP for sure.
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