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LMC 3 point seat belts

I bought some of their 3 point seat belt kits for my 77. They advertised a "direct bolt in installation using the original mounting hardware" as I quote for their catalog, so I figured I would give it a shot.

When I called to order them I asked a few questions. They didn't know much and no one was around that did, but that's OK. The claim was there in the catalog. One thing that alarmed me and should have stopped me right there was that there was no specific right and left side belt.

I got the package and they are quality belts from Beams Industries. They do aftermarket belts for buses, big rigs, tractors, etc. The problem is that these are universal belts and nothing more. They are NOT designed for these trucks, or any truck at all.


-Belts are not specific to right and left sides, which means one side will end up with twists in the belt.

-There is only one retractor. Both early and late designs of seat belts for these trucks used dual retractors on each end of the belt. With the single retractor, it's a weird sensation to put the belt on. The buckle slides on the belt with a lot of grip, so you have to guide the seat belt back in when you take it off. The function of the belts is not at all like the factory setup.

-The instruction say do not put more than one retractor or belt on each bolt. If you install it using the factory mounting hole, you will violate this and the testing procedure which got these belts their federal safety rating.

Far from a bolt in installation if you ask me. It would take drilling and fabrication to make these right. The belts are quality, but are just not right for this application. If you are looking for a replacement belt for your 73-87, keep looking. This isn't it. These are going back in the box to LMC. With their claims of a direct bolt in installation, I thought that these were a engineered or adapted solution for these trucks, but they are just plain old universal seat belts.
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Re: LMC 3 point seat belts

I bought a set of their Beams belts and installed them in 2 hours yesterday. For my 67 GMC. Used the original mount holes but drilled one extra for the retractor mount. Work just like a good seat belt should. Made no twists even though they were the same for both sides. Work good on my truck. Newer trucks could be a different story.
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