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Old 06-17-2004, 10:38 AM   #51
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I didn't read your post above firedog but it looks like everybody came out of that one smelling like roses.

No alimony, no child support. WOW, that's something that I never heard of. You also have joint custody. That's awesome. Are the divorce courts finally listening to the man. I remember when my mother and father had gotten a divorce. They didn't want to hear a word of what my father had to say, even told him to be quiet because he didn't have a lawyer to represent him. But, he was a child support dodger as well so I can see why they treated him like crap. Needless to say he lost everything as he probably should have.

Got rid of my projects for now.
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Old 06-17-2004, 05:29 PM   #52
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Just chiming in here. Two things I believe:

1 - No divorce is ever friendly and:

2- A marraige is 100% commitment on both sides, not 50/50.

There are horror stories (and a few country songs with whiskey, dogs, and broke down refrigerators) out there as to how who lost what, who lost who, who did what, what did who, who did what to who , and on and on. Was the truck yours before entering the marriage? I say steal the driveshaft!!!
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Old 06-17-2004, 10:29 PM   #53
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i suppose i'll put m 2 cents in here. i'm in the military; my job sent me on a hardship tour to a foriegn country for a year. 11 months into the tour i found out that the "love of my life for the past 7yrs" had sold my house, most of my tools, was cheating on me, and tried to sell my truck. luckily for me my father needed an extra vehicle and i had sold him it to for a dollar prior to leaving the country, otherwise i would not have it today. get this, after all she had done to me the divorce was granted on incompatibility, she got everything!!!! She got the kids, the money, all the household furniture, child support and alimony all because i provided everything. the judge said she provided a more stable living environment than an ARMY soldier could, and she didn't even have a job. let me stop now, this is very sore subject for me
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Old 06-18-2004, 08:57 AM   #54
This, is my BOOMSTICK!
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Damn sixty8c10, sorry to hear that. Doesn't a person who is putting his life on a line for his country deserve a little better than that.

Hell, she was cheating on you. That is ADULTERY. The last I checked that was against the law. It is she who should have lost everything on the basis of infidelity. I take it that you didn't have a lawyer and if you did you should be suing his pants off.

Am I wrong here folks? Help me out on this one.

Oh and I hope i'm not highjacking this thread. If so sorry.

Got rid of my projects for now.
1980 Jeep CJ7
1998 Nissan Sentra (my car)
2001 Toyota Sienna (wife's, of course)
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Old 06-18-2004, 09:59 AM   #55
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I have no idea why the gals get so much favor and the guys have to work do hard for any respect in the courts when it comes to these things. My ex gets more $ than she deserves, has the kids more often then she needs them (considering how little time she spends appreciating them) and simply has to put on the pouty face to get all the sympathy in the world!

The thread is not being hi-jacked, it is about our trucks and ex's. After the split my truck was one of the things that kept me "out of trouble" and brought some fun to my life when things seemed really rotten.

Reminds me of some Motley Crue lyrics...
"Girl, don't go away mad, Girl just go away!"
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Old 06-18-2004, 10:25 AM   #56
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One of my buddies who is stationed in Va. now, when he came back from Korea, (about 8 yrs ago) his wife then had emptied the bank account of over 25,000, sold his boat, trashed the house and the car, topped out all of the credit cards which were in his name, and was cheating on him. He came home to find her drugy boyfriend in the house. She was a drugy by then. Luckily for him his motorcycle was in storage and she didn't have access to it.
He got his divorce from her, and got custody of his kids too. Took him about 3 yrs to get back on his feet financially, and is now remarried with a NICE house and savings again. He always jokes about knowing every recipe for Bisquit!

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Old 06-18-2004, 02:12 PM   #57
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Originally Posted by gr8scott51
The person you decide to marry has to be your friend first, because you're going to go through some real crap together - especially the first couple years.

I hear ya on that one Scott. Believe it or not, Shawna and I started out hating each other. We couldn't stand the sight of eacj other, but that was in high school. After high school was over, and the crowd I was hangin around with, started hangin around with her crowd, we became very good friends, and things progessed from there, And we did have some rocky times the first couple years of marriage, but as long as you can work thry them, the rewards are very much worth it. And to this day I couldn't love anyone more than I do her. I couldn't even imagine the 2 of us separating.
I'm sorry to hear of your guys horror stories on divorce, but you are living proof that life does go on and can get better.
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