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Cam Swap on a ls 6.0

Hello, I am dropping a L96 6.0 in my 71 c10. I'm looking to change out my cam shaft. Ive looked in to comp cams and Texas speed and performance cams. I don't know enough about cams to know which is best for my application. I'm looking to bump my HP to around 500. I plan to change my intake, cam, headers, and tune the computer. Also, I'm running a 6 speed manual so I don't want anything too radical to where its not fun to cruise in. Let me know what y'all are running!
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Re: Cam Swap on a ls 6.0

Check this out

Richard Holdener is one of the kings of how to make power with an LS - I asked a similar question of him for my 5.3 and he said "600 lift, 230ish duration" - which would get me around 400-425hp with a good tune. That cam should be a lot less aggressive in a 6.0 vs my 5.3. The article above, though, outlines a specific cam where he got close to 500hp at the crank. Granted, he's running no accessories, straight out the headers, but it should be a decent guide for you.
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Re: Cam Swap on a ls 6.0

I have a 5.3 with Flattop Pistons that i rebuilt and not to stock. I have a Holley intake, heads were mildly worked over, cable drive 92mm throttle body, headers, 4L60e, 3:42 posi, got rid of MAF and converted over to Speed Density, Cam kit is from WS6Store - Hot Cam Kit. Great piece. I will tell you though, depending on the Cam you do with and how your motor runs, if you have Power Brakes with Booster, you may have booster issues. Ask me how i know. I now have full Wilwood disc brake kit - everything and it is not cheap but damn they work now. Anyways, i like the cam, sounds healthy, got a good lope to it, but as mentioned it will reduce your at idle vacuum.
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Re: Cam Swap on a ls 6.0

500whp or at the crank? 500 at the wheels is going to require head work, ported intake, and a pretty radical cam. Lucky for you the l96 has basically LS3 heads so that’s a bonus. And the manual trans will help tolerate a bigger cam. If you’re iso 500 engine that’s totally doable. Check Brian Tooley Racing aka BTR the stage 3 LS3 cam should get you there. A friend's ‘14 LS3 did 480whp on the stage 4 with headers.

I’m in similar boat as you I have a stock LS3 on a stand tossing around cam choices for 3 months. These big cube gen IV can lose low end torque in search of higher hp. Imo it looks like a decent 22x/23x cam with low 600 lift is the sweet spot to get both with 440-460wheel, driveability, tolerance and not blowing budget on cnc heads or intake porting.
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Re: Cam Swap on a ls 6.0

I'd call Brian tooley...tell then what your looking for and let them recommend one for you....i got mine from btr and it had comp cams on the box
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cam swap, cam upgrade, engine and performance, l96, ls 6.0

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