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Truck Info

* Manufacturer: Chevrolet
* Year: 1961
* Suspension type: Stock
* Front Brakes: Stock Drum
* Modifications: Engine, Paint, Wiring, Tires, Wheels, Stereo
* Rear Brakes: Stock Drum
* Steering: Stock
* Front differential type / Gears: None RWD
* Rear differential type / Gears: Stock


* Color Scheme: Blue & White
* Bodyman: Me
* Modifications: None
* Paint Type:
* Painter: Me


* Color: Blue & White
* Material: Vinyl & Metal
* Upholsterer: Unknown
* Wiring: Unknown & Me
* Modifications: Gauges, Custom Paint
* Steering wheel/Column: Stock
* Stereo/Speakers/Amps: CD Player & 4 2 way mid range speakers
* Air Conditioning: none
* Instrument Gauges: RPM, Water Temp, Voltage, Oil Pressure


* Cubic Inch: 357
* Manufacturer: Chevrolet
* Camshaft: Stock
* Cylinder heads: Vortec 906
* Valve Covers: Vortec 906
* Intake Manifold: Vortec 906
* Ignition System: Excel
* Exhaust type: Long Tube Headers w/ 3" collectors, Hush Thrush Mufflers, Dual Exhaust
* Carburetor or Fuel Injection: 600 CFM Edelbrock Performer


* Automatic / Standard: 700R4 Stage 2, Auto
* Torque Converter: unsure, 400-600 over stock RPM
* Modifications: Stage 2
* Shifter type: B&M Megashifter
* Drive Shaft: Stock (modified length)


* What is your name?

* Please share a few things about yourself. (Bio, family, background, hobbies, your favorite pizza topping, your favorite vacation spot, etc)
I like going fast in old cars.

* How long have you owned your truck?
1 year

* What made you decide to buy this truck?
Had the same truck in high school and loved it.

* How do you store your truck, at home, garage, outside etc? What do you enjoy about your truck the most?
Outside, have a cover for the rain. I love everything about it, but most either the speed or respect.

* Who or what was your biggest influence in building your truck?

* What has been the biggest obstacle you have faced in working on your project? How did you/do you handle it?
Coming up with the money.

* What/who is you favorite/best part source?

* What are some things have helped your project to be a success?
A lot of hard work and patience.

* What is the history behind your truck?
Unsure, it spent a lot of time in a barn recently and before that was worked on by idiots.

* What do you use your truck for? (hauling, cruising, daily driver,shows, drag racing, work truck, mudding etc):
Daily driving and weekend racing.

* What is your favorite memory with your truck?
First timeslip.

* Whats your favorite modification done to truck and why?
The engine, it's a beast.

* If you had one thing to do over on your build, what would it be and why?
Would have invested in a wiring harness kit early.

* What are your future plans for your truck?
Get a 7.0 1/8 mile time reliably while keeping it a daily driver.

* What words of advice do you have to people who are just starting out with their project?
Have fun and surround yourself with knowledgeable people.
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