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Truck Info
Manufacturer: Chevrolet
Year: 1972
Suspension type: Stock
Front Brakes: Disc
Modifications: Adding rear disc brakes
Rear Brakes: Drum
Steering: Stock
Front differential type / Gears: D44 / 3:42
Rear differential type / Gears: 12 bolt / 3:42

Color Scheme: Ochre
Bodyman: Bobby Crosby
Modifications: AC Dash, Auto column shift
Paint Type: PPG
Painter: Bobby Crosby

Color: Saddle
Material: Stock / vinyl
Upholsterer: Bobby Crosby
Wiring: Painless wiring harness
Modifications: None
Steering wheel/Column: Auto shift
Stereo/Speakers/Amps: Stock
Air Conditioning: Factory AC
Instrument Gauges: Stock with tach, added vac and trans temp

Cubic Inch: 350
Manufacturer: GM
Camshaft: 222/222
Cylinder heads: Cast iron stock
Valve Covers: Chrome Chevrolet logo
Intake Manifold: Edlebrock
Ignition System: HEI Flame thrower
Exhaust type: Headers, dual rear
Carburetor or Fuel Injection: Carburetor

Automatic / Standard: Auto
Torque Converter: 2700
Modifications: Converted to Auto
Shifter type: Column
Drive Shaft: Stock


My name is Robert Crosby but everyone calls me Bobby. I grew up in the south and Iíve always hated the cold weather and look where Iím stuck now, lol. Most of my family (Mom and sisters) live back in my home state of South Carolina from Myrtle Beach to Charleston; were I plan to move once I have my 72 restored.

Iíve always been around cars my whole life; I guess not having much growing up you tend to have to learn real quick how to repair your own ride. I come from a broken home and I think my dad did really well raising 4 kids at first and then another 4 from his second marriage. I went into the Army at the age of 17 (parent signed for early entry) and got into telecommunications and electronics. Iíve since took some college majoring in Computer Science but never finished; I just couldnít make what Iím making now as a driver.

I had a really cool job once I was released from the military working for a car audio Research Company so my car audio skills are pretty much top notch (designed many a sound systems for some really famous people in California).

Iíve only had my 72 for 1 year now. I did have a 90 k/5 but once I seen the 72 with the full removable top the search was on. I keep my truck in a two car garage, using one side as a shop and work on it as much as I can. The most enjoyable thing about my Blazer are the comments I get from others, knowing Iíve done something right and the pat on the back. The second most would be driving with the top off during the summer months.

I would have never had the privilege of owning this truck if it wasnít for this forum. I signed onto this site when I bought my 90 expecting to restore it instead. I just stumbled upon a picture of a restored 72 k/5 and have been nowhere else but the 69-72 Blazer section of the forum.

Iíve had several obstacles to climb over this past year, including a separation after 10 years and a major move for me. For the last 5 months itís been just me and my 72, I would have probably fell apart if it wasnít for my Blazer, something to keep my mind occupied. Now I have a mission; restore my 72 and move back home (SC).

My plans for the restore are to keep it as original as possible; paint and interior. I do have plans to convert from a manual trans to an automatic transmission and a nice set of 33ís. I really like the factory look of these old trucks and plan to keep it that way as much as possible.

Just a few words of advice, if youíre just starting out donít rush into anything, step back for a few months and create a plan. Write your goals down on paper, inspect your truck and write all the faults down that you need to address. Tag every part you take off of the truck, I use zip lock bags and write down on the bag what and where it came from. It may take me another year to get it finished but I look at it this way Iíve had it a year now and that went by pretty quick, so next summer Iíll be driving around in a fully restored 72 k/5 Blazer if I stick to my plan.

Thank you,
My Progress
72 k/5 CST 350 SM465 NP205
My Build Progress
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