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1976 Chevy K30 Crew Cab Short Box Cummins Build

Well it is about time I start a build thread for this truck in the 4x4 section. B.A.D. stands for Big Azz Diesel! I'll start from the begining a little bit. This truck has a long history. So try to hang in with me. Here goes.

My dad purchased this truck when I was 14 to haul our horse trailer and it was a black and white crew cab dually. It had maroon interior, A/C, hydraboost brakes, and that's pretty much it if I remember correctly. This poor truck was rusted out, bad! Him and I searched junk yards for years grabbing trim and what ever else we could find for this truck. He rebuilt a TH400 it came with and also went through the hubs on the d70. The complete front suspension was new or rebuilt with helper air bags and the works. Nothing was spared on this truck. He purchased a 396 for it and rebuilt it as well. He had it set up really nice. He got a fiberglass front spoiler, lund sun visor, and a razor back for it. All were painted Black cherry metallic like the truck. It was a bad azz looking square body!

Well once upon a time the truck was real close to being done, cab forward. It had to be in 1998 when we were trying to get it done enough to haul our horse trailer to a horse show in Texas. We had it at our friend's body shop where the truck had sat for probabaly 2 years. Needless to say the truck didn't get finished. It was running and would drive, but had some wiring gremlins and no interior. My dad got tired of messing with it and got tired of the slow help of the body man and it sat until I graduated high school. It seemed we were always doing the body shop work and his truck never got any work on it, so we brought it home.

At that point dad started to want to put a diesel in it because of me. We'd been using my trucks to haul the trailer because his wasn't done. Now my mother was really getting mad. This truck had a ton of money thrown at it and already had a new powertrain. She wasn't happy at all. So I had a 7.3 IDI I ended up with and we started putting it in the truck. It wouldn't fit without huge firewall mods and a body lift so he decided to stop there. I purchased the 396 from him and re-cammed it and stuck it in my 72 camaro.

So now here this truck sits with no engine, trans, or box, and mom is seriously pissed. One day I ran across a 91 Ford crew cab, and dad ended up buying it. we took the engine we tried putting in his truck and put it in the ford. Now he finally had his own truck! I purchased his old truck and finally mom calmed down. Here is a pic of the new to us ford when we got it done.

Ok, so that was a little history on it. Once I purchased it, I decided I was going to make it 4x4. That was a bad idea, because i couldn't stop at a normal level. At one time it did have a 4" lift with 33's and was close to drivable. Nowhere near where it is today.
1972 Chevy Longhorn K30 Cheyenne Super, 359 Inline 6 cylinder, Auto Trans, Tilt, Diesel Tach/Vach, Buckets, Rare Rear 4-link and air ride option Build Thread
1976 K30 CC SWB Build Thread

Tired of spark plugs? Check this out.

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