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Re: Who has a 67-72 truck for their only vehicle?

Since I have to carpool with my wife many days, I don't get to drive my '69 every day, but I drive it every day I can. My wife has serious hip issues, and my truck doesn't have running boards, so she can't climb in.

We drive her '01 Tahoe when we carpool.
'69 Longstep K-10: 327/SM465/T-221/Closed Knuckle Dana44/12-bolt.
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Re: Who has a 67-72 truck for their only vehicle?

About 10 yrs ago I brought home a rusty old 70 c10. I immediately loved it, and my wife slowly warmed up to it lol. I added the engine and transmission, fixed the majority if the old wiring, and updated all the brakes and suspension hardware. As most said before no payments. I have more conversations, and offers to buy, over this daily driver than any car I've owned in the past. The best part, having worked on it all these years, is that I have more confidence in its reliability than any of the new vehicles my wife owns.
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Re: Who has a 67-72 truck for their only vehicle?

My 1972 c10 LWB is my first and only vehicle I've ever outright owned. It's in my name, not some bank or finance company. I drive it everywhere I need or want to go. My girlfriend has a 1993 jeep cherokee sport with the HO 4.0L inline 6 and auto trans. It's the same drivetrain as the 4 door 4wd grand cherokees but in a 2 door 2WD body. That thing will smoke the tires no problem even with 270k miles. But enough about that POS.
I'm the third owner of my truck and j know both previous owners. I've owned it since 2004. My dad gave me $500 as a senior high school present and I paid the other $500 with my part time job. I have all of the service records as my girlfriend at the time grandfather is the one who did all of the work to it. Including rebuild the engine in 1992. Since then I've rebuilt the motor myself in my garage. Its bored over. 040 and has a comp cak XE250h cam kit in it. 88s reman heads, roller tipped rockers. Headers, 3"super 40 flowmasters, true double roller timing set, and I just put a brand new 1406 edelbrock and performer EPS manifold on it after my quadrajet had a cracked main body. I been dialing it in this week and I think I got it figured out. It really has awakened more power after I recalibrated the carb from factory specs. I also rewired the whole truck with an AAW kit. New brakes and suspension components up front. Not tubular, just new ball joints and bushings all moog. Overhauled the rear drums with early classics rear drum kit. New driveshaft joints and center bearing, for the first time I have all 4 matching brand new tires. I've wrecked the truck twice. But I got it back in the road and dont plan on doing that again...EVER. it's no Prius, especially with premium gas at $4.15/Gal. Where I live.(its all I run in it.) But I sure do love driving it. and everyone else that gets to go for a ride likes it to. Plus it's a great conversation starter. And I've met some friends that I know are the kind that are around for life because of my truck. It's not for sale and never will be. Sure I'd like to not have it as my only means of transportation but I'm not really in a rush to go out get myself into something with payments. Lol.
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1972 C/10 LWB - Mine
1964 C/10 LWB - My Dad's

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Re: Who has a 67-72 truck for their only vehicle?

All I drive is either my '67 stepside or my '72 K5 , my Wife drives a '96 Bronco and I consider it too new for me.
'67 Stepside(since1997)...'72 K5 Blazer(since2013)...'35 Pickup(since2020).........MIKE
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