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Partial VIN question (frame stamp)

I did search the forum, and believe I have my answer, but wanted to confirm.
I'm looking at a shortbed frame that I believe is from a '72 GMC. Am I correct in that the (red circled) portion of the VIN is the 'partial VIN' I should be seeing stamped on the frame?

My plans are to use this frame for my '68 C10. I doubt it, but will ask ...are there any differences with the GMC frame vs. the Chevrolet frame that I need to be aware of?
The added bonus here is that the '72 frame already has disk brakes, ...which I'm planning to switch over to.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Partial VIN question (frame stamp)

Sent you a PM...

Your suspicions are correct as to the VIN contents on chassis....BUT

I have seen various different contents on the stamped numbers across 2WD, 4WD, C and K variants....

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