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I've seen elsewhere that the auto v8 to v4 mode isn't liked very well for some reason, I have no problem getting a few more mpg.
Could it be that some think a truck should always have more power, IDK.. has there been any problems with this set up from the factory?
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Re: v8-v4

Yes, there are issues from the factory with this system. The lifters get stuck compressed on cylinders 1,4,6,7. The cylinder heads need to come off to change the lifters. At the minimum, I would get a tune to keep in in v8 mode all the time, and if something ever happens down the road and the engine needs opened up, I would get rid of those lifters and throw them in the trash. MPGs are great, but if you have to spend 1500-2500 repairing a system that saves 1-2 mpg, it’s not worth it.
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