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Roof mounted CB antenna

I want to mount a CB antenna on my truck. The best place for a antenna is on the roof. Today I have a Wilson 1000 mag mount and I don't like to have the cable routed thru the door. I have bought a Wilson 1000 roof top hard mount antenna and will drill a hole in the roof.

How much clearance is it between outer and inner roof?

Has anybody done the same thing before?
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Re: Roof mounted CB antenna

There`s about a quarter inch. There`s an insulating pad on top of the inner panel. I`d say if you absolutly need to drill the roof panel, the spot I`d choose is in the wing section above the courtesy light so you can easily install the retaining nut and fish the wires forward. This way your drilling through a single panel.

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Re: Roof mounted CB antenna

When I was a kid, my dad had a CB antenna on the roof. It leaked and no matter what he did, never could seal it properly. I personally prefer to mount the antenna to the corner of the bed, just behind the in cab fuel filler cap. And then run the wire under the carpet and then out the bottom of the cab with a grommet. If need be, this can also act as a drain hole in the cab if you ever need one. Then on the antenna, a small rubber "super ball" drilled to fit over the antenna and then rubber cemented in place to keep the antenna from hitting the cab.

It worked great on my old chevy luv. Just to give another option for you.
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