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CG 08-30-2021 08:31 AM

WTB response
I was under the impression that if someone posted a want to buy ad anyone could respond to it subscribers or non


Liz 08-30-2021 09:44 AM

Re: WTB response
You are correct. I just explained this again to staff the other day. Please let me know if there is a miscommunication somewhere. Thanks

CG 08-30-2021 11:27 AM

Re: WTB response
I told BigBird05 in a thread I think it was ok if he responded to a want to buy ad as a non subscriber. He didn’t want to break any rules. He told me a staff member PM him and said no he could not unless a subscriber. I don’t want anyone to get in hot water on my account. Thanks for chiming in so quickly Liz

Liz 08-30-2021 11:41 AM

Re: WTB response
There was a misunderstanding. The way I explain it is to think of it like a classified ad in the paper, ebay etc. The seller pays to list the item or want, and anyone can reply.

Now, if a person replied in a hijacking manner, such as ohhh me too i need one.. that is not ok. Its never ok subscription or not.

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