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Zippi 02-21-2021 08:46 AM

*1949 Chevy Truck*
Does anybody make a 1:25 scale glue together model? I can find the 1950, 1953/54, 1955, etc. Also, what brand has the best fit & finish?

Just call me Sean 02-23-2021 11:40 PM

Re: *1949 Chevy Truck*
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What was changed from '49 to '50? Looks like the '50 is the closest. I only have this one. It's a custom version but it looks real nice and has a straight six.

Zippi 02-25-2021 07:59 AM

Re: *1949 Chevy Truck*
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I think I have found the one I'm going to get. From 1947 thru 1953 they were called an "AD" (Advanced Design) trucks and were all about the same as far as the body. I have a real 1949 5 window pickup Classic Restomod truck and I'm wanting to put together a model that looks like my truck. I have an LS 5.3 V8 in my 49. I have found aftermarket wheels, can you buy an aftermarket LS engines for these models? Thanks.

Just call me Sean 02-25-2021 01:35 PM

Re: *1949 Chevy Truck*
Like this?

Zippi 02-26-2021 09:24 AM

Re: *1949 Chevy Truck*

Originally Posted by Just call me Sean (Post 8885272)

Thanks for the link.

Zippi 02-26-2021 02:52 PM

Re: *1949 Chevy Truck*
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Just picked this up at the local hobby shop.

Just call me Sean 02-26-2021 10:18 PM

Re: *1949 Chevy Truck*
I think that's the same as mine except with the stock parts. I see you're over at MCM, I'll be watching.

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