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steveos80c10 06-08-2014 11:15 PM

350 swap fuel problems
hey guys i did a engine swap in my 1980 c10 from a 267 stock carb to a 350 with brand new cylinder heads, pushrods, cam, fuel pump , quick fuel carb, the super stock works lol and im having a problem getting fuel period.

in all seriousness

it ran with a high flow 80gph summit fuel pump for about a month then started to act funny.i wanted to be cool and i got on it one day with my friend in the truck, and it backfired when i came down on the gas? also when i slowed down it wanted to stalled out, almost choking, so i shut it off. i had a hard time getting it started again but it started. . a week later in the morning drive to work it started to stall, seeming like lack of fuel, so i adjusted the floats in the carb bc in the fuel window there wasnt gas, but in the secondary there was(750 duel feed carb). ran for a few weeks and just wouldnt start one day, again, lack of fuel.

i got it started with a fuel regulator attached after the pump and in between the carb. ran for 4 days and pulled the same ****. mind you basically brand new motor, almost 400 hp, big carb with no vacuum lines hooked up to carb?, but the tank needs a vacuum line to the canister? i blocked those up. i was told to by this guy i work with who has race cars and works on them. he knows about racing but what about kinda stock and the situation with the vacuum and the gas tank?

finally i get mad and my friend put in smaller jets and seats for the floats in my carb and she still wont start. i changed my fuel pump to a stock one and the sending unit in the tank and blew out the metal line with a air compressor and no go. i checked for leaks or cracks in the rubber lines and there are none.

im really not sure whats up. the new pump is on the pushrod, nothing is leaking. new **** everywhere and i cant get it started lol i can put alittle gas in the carb and get it started but it wont stay running bc of lack of fuel

any and all suggestions


1980 c10 2wd short bed
89 camero 350 block
stock crank and rods, flattop pistons
2.02 195 intake runner summit heads
tapered valves
summit towing cam
manley double roller timing chain
manley 400 thousand over stock pushrods
comp die cast roller rockers
weiand aluminum intake
quick fuel slayer 750cfm duel feed vacuum secondary
msd igniton box with stock distributor, accel high volt coil
hooker headers, flowmaster 2.5 straight back
stock fuel pump

Sodell 06-08-2014 11:38 PM

Re: 350 swap fuel problems
Crack the line when you crank it and see if there is any pressure, or put a pressure gauge in the line.

69chevytrucker 06-09-2014 12:09 AM

Re: 350 swap fuel problems
ya sounds like crack maybe at the tank or fuel having to up hill before the pump is the tank new or old and the what about the sending unit new or old

69chevytrucker 06-09-2014 12:12 AM

Re: 350 swap fuel problems
and if you have a carb 80gpm is way too much you only need 6gpm for a carb you

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