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Madspeed 05-13-2021 10:44 AM

Crew cab diy kit? Would you buy it ?
So I was going to have Rc fab build me a 4 door crewcab years ago. at that time it was 12 k w my cabs.... I could not wrangle the money untill 2 years later. Now its 15 k. Ok lemme get that figured out. I call back to send it off and NOPE were only doing full builds sorry.. Im not having them build me some cummins crap. I have a twin turbo LB7 w allison combo already fabbed into a 72 I think they do great work just not what I want. Not many have the talents to make a duramax allison run and add abs to the old girl..

FFW to today i call back to see if they have decided to do cabs again. Yep says the kid" Lemme check with the owner Ill call back tomorrow. 2today as there was no call next day. i call back and its 35k for a cab and they wont let me bring my own... SO F IT. what if I have the B pillar scanned and flipped. build a hydro forming mold for the B pillar. Make the striker plates and some other crap you need and sell it as a DIY kit? how many do you think I could sell? Reply with your guys thoughts I might progress forward and sell some B pillar kits..

Dieselwrencher 05-13-2021 01:02 PM

Re: Crew cab diy kit? Would you buy it ?
First off Cummins crap. LMAO! Second, there is a guy named Brandon Sisco that owns Sisco fab. He is located in Liberty Hill Texas. He builds 4 door cabs and will do complete builds as well. He even offers a kit for the LH b pillar that can be pre welded or you weld it. Look him up on FB or IG. I couldn't believe how much Randall was getting for bare crew cabs and he wouldn't let them go without the body work being done. I'll just leave that alone....

mongocanfly 05-13-2021 01:57 PM

Re: Crew cab diy kit? Would you buy it ?
Without stating a yr model...I'm just assume that by your signature that your talking 67-72s..?..
Not sure what the cost would be involved in making molds and jigs and such to fab up a kit..
But I honestly dont think the market would be very big for that to ever pay dividends..
Its interesting though...

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