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90 Suburban questions

So, last night I sold my very well loved 84 K30 Dually service truck. It had only 19K original miles on it and was fantastic.
However I sold it because it just did not fit my needs. I have a 30ft travel trailer and like to take my wife and oldest daughter (26) camping. With 3 dogs, 3 people, the single cab of the K30 just did not cut it.
I found a 90 2500 Suburban. I had the dealer send me the RPO (photo) and I went through all 88 codes. It is exactly what I am looking for.
3/4 ton, 4:10 with LSD, 4x4, tow package, HD rad, HD trans cooler, HD alternator, front and rear A/C, etc...
My only concern about the truck is power. It has the 5.7L F.I. engine rated at 192HP.
Because it is a SBC, there is a ton of things I can do to get more power, but what can be done keeping the F.I.? I am not looking for anything radical, I want a good tow rig for my trailer and a fun light off roading back woods rig. I work from home so I don't have a daily driver, I don't go anywhere.
Can I bump it up to a mild cam and better intake and keep the F.I.?
What would you suggest.
Oh, and according to the original info from GM the same 5.7L in the 2wd trucks had 210HP and in the 4x4 it was 190HP. Why, and what is the difference?
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