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Painting the inside and bottom of box - questions

Getting close to done with body work and about ready to paint my pickup box.

Anyone know a good way to paint a box? Its all assembled and not coming apart at this point. I'm going to seam seal the gaps before I paint also. The inside of the box I am going to use a single stage paint. Thought about standing it up on the end to paint, or maybe leaning over the sides to paint the inside, or possibly throwing a dropcloth down and crawling on the bed floor and working my way back to the rear. Seems like there is no "good" way to reach all the areas.

Also I was going to paint the bottom, but not sure if factory just painted the bottom black or if they were painted the color of the rest of the truck.

Lastly - what are people doing for inside the wheel wells? Paint them black, or paint them the body color?
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