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Re: Questions for the welding pros

Thanks fellas. I've always wanted to learn to weld and found a deal on the 180, full tank of shielding gas etc. Complete rig, $600. Cart, helmet and everything.

So, I thought I'd give it a shot. The welder had .023 in it when I bought it actually. The smaller wire just felt like ( to me) it wasnt filling fast enough to bridge the cut lines. But it makes sense that it wouldnt put as much heat in the panel. I still have the other bedside and I'm going to do basically the same repairs to it. I'll try again with the .023 on that one.

Thank you for the suggestions. I'm just kinda learning as Ii go. Worst case I'll have a descent 67 bedside and a little practice. I do like welding though. It's not perfect but I'm getting better. Just trying to save this bedside in the process. It's really good along the whole back side and wheel well. It was just rusty along the bottoms. The rear patch panel section only comes in LWB, so I had to cut it down too. That's why the cut lines are the way the are. Theres still a little lip along the bottom edge that needs trimmed off to straighten that edge. The LWB panel -8 in changes the lower line a little bit.

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