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Re: aligning door and fender trouble

Let's start at the beginning. What is the condition of the Rubber body Mounts? The Rear ones in this case could play big into what you have going on. Like a see-saw, if the body is "balancing" on the one under the cowl because the back ones are broken down...the front ends up high. The problem & time figuring it out is like you said...some of this replacement stuff is VERY poor & really can never fit correctly. We'll get to that in a moment.
Likewise, has the metal cab mount under the cowl/floor been replaced? How is/was the condition of the rear crossmember under the gate?
I would not just shim something, move on & forget it without some measuring/figuring. Many times that will lead to more/other work later.
If you do need to shim, under the rad support bushing would be the answer. This keeps the gap between the Hood & Grille/trim uniform from side to side.

I suspect there is something else going on though.
The gap at the front of your Door at the bottom tip of the windshield post concerns me a bunch! THAT is WAY too wide...something is wrong with where/why you have it there. The back edge of that fender from the top down to the chrome strip is for sure NOT the correct shape of a Chevy truck. It is curving backwards slightly towards the door right from the top tip...that area should be curving FORWARD down to the chrome strip area. Im guessing that is why you have made the big gap between the door & pillar & likely where/why you slotted the bolt holes? My suggestion, Get another fender before proceeding. Lorne
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