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Re: aligning door and fender trouble

I agree with Lorne.
One vehicles of that age, all kinds of this can affect this.
Suspension parts, body mounts, and even frame damage itself can contribute to misalignment. Aftermarket parts can make this even worse.
I will never understand how they can make them "so close" and yet still so far off at the same time.
After confirming that the frame is not bent/twisted itself or by suspension problems, check into the body mounts. The rubber disintegrates over time, cracks and sags.
Once that is straight, start with the things you cannot change. Meaning the door opening and how the door fits into it. The shape of the opening is fixed, unless there is crash damage. Same with the shape of the door itself. Once these are fitted, the fenders and hood are relative to the leading edge of the doors.
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