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Oil Pan Capacity

Does the 366 oil pan have a standard capacity, or do they vary?
I bought a 78 with an exhausted engine.
The rebuild is done and the engine is in the truck.
Install is not complete yet, but close.
Somewhere along the way of the install, the dipstick tub had become "missing".
Most likely found it's way into grandsons hands and who knows where it has ended up.
I purchased a new tube and stick from the parts store wall and installed.
It fits fine, but I have added 3-1/2 quarts of oil and the new stick says it is one quart low.
When I use the old stick in the new tube and it says it is full.
My other 366 uses 7 quarts without the filter, but the pan appears to be different and the tube appears to be longer - the rebuilt 366 has a pipe plug screwed into the left (driver) side of the oil pan, the one in my other truck does not.
I don't mind "re-marking" the new stick for a specific level if i know what the level should be.
I did check the build sheet in the glove box but it says nothing related to the oil pan at all.
the pics below are of the 366 in question.
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