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Message Board Lingo

  • PO: Previouse Owner
  • NOS: new old stock
  • BBC: big block chevy
  • SBC: small block chevy
  • LWB: long wheel base (long bed)
  • SWB: short wheel base (short bed)
  • PO:previous owner
  • MC: mint condition
  • NM: near mint condition
  • VGC: very good condition
  • GC: good condition
  • FS: for sale
  • WTT: want to trade
  • WTB: want to buy
  • ISO: in search of
  • WIW: what's it worth
  • TTT:to the top
  • NM: never mind
  • TY: thank you
  • YW: your welcome
  • IMO: In My Opinion
  • IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
  • LMAO: Laughed My Arse Off
  • WTH: What The heck
  • LOL: laugh out loud
  • ROFLMAO: rolling on floor laughing my a$$ off
  • BTW: By the way
  • IIRC: If I Remember Correct
  • IIR: If I Recall
  • STHU: Shut the heck up
  • NG: new guy
  • PITA: Pain In The Arse
  • RTM: read the manual
  • AFAIK: as far as I know
  • JAO: Just Another Observer
  • kiss: keep it simple silly
  • OT: off topic
  • TBH: to be honest
  • IIRC: if i rememeber correctly
  • FWIW:for what its worth
  • POV: point of view
  • BFD: big flipping deal
  • IRL: in real life
  • WRT: with respect to
  • TIA: thanks in advance
  • OTOH: on the other hand
  • DIY: do it yourself
  • FYI: for your information
  • HTH: happy to help / hope this helps
  • FTMP: for the most part
  • TLO: Till Later On
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