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Re: Fan Shroud help!

Originally Posted by rechinca View Post
Mine was originally a V8 truck. No AC or HD cooling. Itís in the forward mounts and I bought an OEM 7 blade clutch fan for it, the clutch means I donít need a spacer as it sets into the shroud. If you can find one for sale (highly suggest paying for membership here to use the marketplace to post want to buy ads and buying/selling parts) go that route. It doesnít parasitically rob power when itís not needed. I have heard that there are longer spacers you can buy, but if I had to choose a regular fan over a clutch style, Iíd honestly spend the money and go electric fans. I will probably go that route when I add AC.
I have an 7 blade OEM clutch fan on the motor now and it's what I prefer. The core is on my bench fitting the heater but by taking rough measurements I don't think blades will totally be within the shroud. I went with the long pump to pick up 1 3/8" since I'm using the rear mount position. I'm considering electric fans as an alternative. How far in does your fan set in the shroud? The shroud I have is 5 3/4" deep. Thanks again!
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