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Re: Roof patch causing warp / oil canning

Originally Posted by theastronaut View Post
The areas that didn't clean up with a wire brush need to be sandblasted to get rust out of the pits. An inexpensive spot blaster would be a good option for small areas if you don't already have a blaster. Then use epoxy to coat everything. Por15 or similar "paint over rust" products don't convert/kill the deep rust, and that looks like there will be some deeply rusted pits that'll show up when blasted.
Thanks. I do have a spot blaster, I had previously blasted the full drip rail before I took the top skin off. I was hoping to get away with not using it due to how slow and nasty it is for large areas. I did find 2 pin holes hiding in the pitted areas, really close to the weather stripping inside. Ill probably start the blasting and see how it goes and cross my fingers more don't show up.
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