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Re: Roof patch causing warp / oil canning

Originally Posted by MP&C View Post
Are those holes more accessible from the inside of the cab (underside) any better than the topside? If you find yourself blowing holes try more wire feed speed and less time on trigger pull..

Another option would be to get a small piece of copper pipe and trim/bend to fit snugly to the area of the pin holes. Then weld to fill the holes using copper as a backer.

Another option would be to cut out the area and weld in a new piece. While you are at this stage it would be a shame to not get all of it fixed with metal/weld while it's accessible (before the roof skin goes on).
Thanks Robert. I was able to do this from the bottom/inside. I hadn't thought of the pipe idea, that probably would have saved some headache. I was able to get it done finally.

The two pinholes to the right I was able to weld from the top side, with some copper as a backer on the interior. They filled very nicely.

I put this aside for a week due to work and am getting back to it this week. I hope to primer the new skin and top of the cab this week and get to the skin install by the next week or so.
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