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Re: Orange peel

The most common causes of "orange peel " in modern CC's ( given the gun is set up correctly ) is going to be moving too fast or the gun too far from the surface. If your moving too fast, the clear will go on too thin and dry, and wont flow out. If your too far away, kinda the same thing. Your just billowing clear over the panel and it goes on dry, unless you really slow down. You need to apply the clear to the panel.

If your in a booth with good lighting. You want to look right at where the clear is hitting the panel or slightly behind, and pay attention to what the clear is actually doing. Whether its flowing out, dry, or too thick, rippling behind the gun. You'll also pick up your cap to surface and overlap reference here. Where you are on the panel, what your hoses are doing, how much clear is still in the cup, ect you pick up in peripherals.

Using too fast of a hardener or reducer for shop conditions. Will also not allow the clear to flow out properly.
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