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A-pillar grab handles

So my wife always complains about not having anything to grab onto when getting into my K20. I have searched to no avail for a solution that was easy to install. There simply isn't any solutions for the squarebodies that I could find.

So- I made my own. I will state upfront that I own a tubing bender, nutsert kit, mig welder and tap/die set.

I used some 1 inch, .095 tubing and two 5/16 course thread nutserts per side.

I had to make a "boss" out of 1/4 steel with a 5/16 hole that I tapped with threads and welded to the A-pillar. The A-pillar metal is at an odd angle to the window glass and the pillar isn't deep enough for a nutsert.

Hopefully the pics tell the story. The handle is super solid and functional. Two bolts and it's installed. I placed it so that it virtually disappears behind the A-pillar from the driver/passenger perspective.

My wife loves it's utility but commented that it looked a little "homemade".

Well, I happen to like them. They are simple, effective and cheap.
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