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Re: Weather seals and rubber 71 Suburban

Originally Posted by Beach-Burban View Post
Hey Tug...I've been collecting this kind of stuff to provide to the resto shop when that time comes for me, but you sound like you will be doing much of the work yourself (good for you!). My '72 needs everything rubber as it had lived it's entire life in the hot desert of Lancaster it's hard for me to tell you what you are missing, however, I found that GMC Paul's online catalog makes it easy to find nearly everything Suburban related. They are one of the vendors that belongs to our "truck family", so I would suggest you look at their website and take your time scrolling through all the never know what will catch your eye! It was also an education for me, as my list of collected parts continued to grow!!! Good luck with how ever you proceed...and I'm sure some others will weigh in on your post!

Just placed a large order with GMC Paul. Thank you for the recommendation! I really like the no BS format of the site.
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