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1947-53 3/4 Ton Disc Brakes

Good Afternoon,

This is David with TSM Disk Brakes, if this is the wrong forum please let me know. We really do not get out on the web sites etc. We have been approached by some guys lately about a front kit for the following.
1947 - 1953 3/4 ton truck, we currently do not have one and would like to reach out to you guys and gals.
We are looking to see, if there is interest in a kit for these years.
We try to make our kits work with stock parts (you retain your hubs, bearings etc.).
If there is interest, we would need someone to help us. which we can discuss through e-mail. No disrespect to any one out of the USA, but the R&D side I would like to keep to someone in the US.

Let us know, if it is something to pursue.

Thank You

TSM Staff

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