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Re: my 67 c10 first build

I say if its got to go and it's got to go now , then try to sell it all as is but ,, I think you can get more then what your asking for it on the for sale section of this form, if that's not a misprint, that is a very nice price, is the motor include, but if you got some time you can make more in parts. I'm sure it would a bit of a hassle and time , try selling local ,maybe a swap meet. And try to found out what price parts are worth, use this form in the what it worth (WIW) to give you and idea and go from there, Don't sell yourself cheap,do what you think is fair to move your parts however fast you need , money don't come easy ,well I know not so much for me, lol or should I say, cry out loud. Good luck.
O Yeah don't scrap it please someone will buy it and or you'll get more in parts.

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