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Top rebuild process

I'm planning on redoing my double wall top this summer.

From what I've seen in other builds my top is far from great but it could be worse.

I haven't decided how I want to do the repairs, but I'm leaning towards cutting the topmost part of the top off, just above the windows and leaving any panel edges in place. Doing so would give me access to the back of the interior panel so I can carryout much easier and neater repairs. I also want to better join the interior halves because the middle gap is much wider and it is noticeably lower on one side than the other.

To put it back together, I plan to epoxy PVC/Divinyl foam to the inside panel then sand back to shape and cover with fiberglass and epoxy.

I think adding a core material and bonding the inner and outer panels will give it much greater strength with minimal additional weight and completely eliminates the sagging problem from returning.

Has anyone done this or at least taken this approach to repairing their top?

Let me know what you guys think
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