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1960 Apache K10 build

So I have been a forum creeper for quire a while, and I figured it was time to start to contribute.

So lets start with the introduction to the project.

I recently found a 1960 Apache 30 dually that used to have a grain box on it. I managed to pick it up for 600 bucks with an extra box that was laying around! The former owner was having health issues, and he wanted it to go to a good home where someone would actually do something cool with it.

So that's the starting point...

now the fun part is what is the plan for it...

I have read lots of good things about frame swapping these trucks onto the 2000-2006 Tahoe frames. The plan would be to retain as much of the Tahoe as possible, maintaining the good ride and handling qualities, and have a cool body onto of the newer tech.

will it work? I dunno...but it sure sounds good when you say it fast! The wheel bases match within an inch. 115 vs 116 respectively.

So I bought the kit from ez chassis swaps to do just that. they have the solution for the front bumper/crossmember, box and cab mounts, etc. So the plan is going to be to turn this into a short box fleet site 4x4. I want to put a 4.5" lift, and 33 or 35" tires on it. The big picture concept will be to retain as much of a stock look as possible. Factory style heat and air, factory style gauges, retain the DBW cruise control system. Even make the LS dressed up to look like a small block as much as possible. obviously I will not be able to get it looking totally correct, but I want to make it look as close as possible. I'm also planning to swap in a healthy 6.0 in place of the 5.3. Cam swap, headers etc. Some of the cool stuff...Tahoe's have hydro boost brakes already, so I'm hoping to retain the whole brake system, maybe even retain the ABS system. I'm also hoping to retain the factory fuel tank, hitch, and spare tire carrier. They have 4 wheel disc brakes, and almost everything is tucked all nice inside of the frame rails. very little hangs below the frame. So it should look reasonably clean.
One thing worth mentioning about my life...I generally work A LOT. And I'm always gone working away from home. I work up in Alberta Canada, and you know how it goes, you either have time, and no money, or no money and lots of time.
BUT!! I think I finally have found a balance of both in my life. I just started a job where I work 14 days on, and 14 days off. My plan is to buy parts like crazy while I'm gone working, and try to spend at least three or four days per set of days off working on the truck.

so...let the parts gathering begin...
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