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Re: 63-87 rack and pinion

Originally Posted by tallic68 View Post
Some of the other kits Iíve seen say they may not or will not work with 5.3 truck low mount power steering pumps. Does anyone know if this kit will work with low mount ps pump on 02 5.3 truck LS?
I was going to try to get some pictures but with the holidays it has been busy. I will say that I have this on mine and the stock 02 5.3 PS pump clears. I will also say it is dependent on how and where the engine is mounted. Since the rack portion is mounted to the front cross member this location is fixed. The variable is on the engine placement. There are quite a few options that move them up and down as well as front to rear. Some of these variations could lead to some interference with something. I will try to get some photos in the next couple days as I remember mine was close to something but I don't remember for sure.
I had built my own mounts so mine is sitting different than most others out there.
Long story but yes it will work but some checks will need to be made.
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